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A truly decentralised non-profit platform owned and managed by the Digital Arts community, bringing together Artists, Creators and Collectors as One.

The World’s First Decentralized NFT Photography Marketplace

UniqueOne.Photo NFT Photography Marketplace

Unique.One, the world’s only next-generation, purely decentralized NFT Art Marketplace, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of UniqueOne.Photo.

UniqueOne.Photo is a permissionless photography NFT platform with the same ethos as Unique.One — A platform for the community by the community.

Like Unique.One, UniqueOne.Photo incentivises digital artists and photographers instead of profiting off of them. Photographers are not charged fees to mint their work — they are rewarded.

UniqueOne.Photo caters to the specific need of photographers, helps them tokenize their work to prove provenance for sales, and shows them how to get rewarded for using the UniqueOne.Photo platform.

In keeping…

Unique.One has always been preparing for the multichain interoperable future with the intention of becoming a major NFT platform presence in the inevitable Polkadot Ecosphere. This is why we insist on currently offering our community the option of minting NFTs on multiple chains such as Eth, xDai, and BSC to give our community members preferences.

Unique.One believes that SORA’s Polkaswap DEX is pushing the boundaries to achieve this future with a faster, more efficient, and less volatile multichain interoperable DEX. Polkaswap DEX will enable users to swap tokens from different networks, provide liquidity, and earn rewards from exchange fees. …

5M $FOTO Airdrops to $RARE Holders, RLE NFT $FOTO Airdrops, and new $FOTO and $RARE Liquidity Pools

It’s a March Airdrop Extravaganza at Unique.One!

We’ve got $FOTO airdrop updates for all $RARE holders, RARE LIMITED EDITION (RLE) $FOTO airdrops updates, and four new LP opportunities for $RARE and $FOTO holders. Plus an exciting new profile feature that allows users to claim their airdrops directly on their Unique.One Marketplace profile.

5 million $FOTO Tokens Airdropped to all Circulating $RARE Holders (Wallet + LPs)

$RARE LP rewards and all Unique.One Platform rewards from February 1st-14th were a bit delayed due to our nifty upgraded claim contract user-interface. (Check it out, it’s cool!)

Now all Unique.One users can claim $RARE and $FOTO rewards directly from their profile!

But don’t worry — $RARE rewards to all $RARE holders and platform users…

A Next-Generation, Purely Decentralized NFT Art Marketplace

2020 has been a dark year for art. Major festivals were canceled, museums and galleries closed, and residencies were postponed due to COVID travel restrictions.

But artworks minted as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and digital collectibles are flourishing as a massive amount of funds flow into the digital art marketplace.

Virtual art is taking off at an explosive pace. It offers an incredible opportunity for Artists of all mediums to share their art in digital form and earn income.

Any artwork displayed in digital format can be tokenized (minted as an NFT) — images, photographs, videos, blogs, music files, etc.


Experience Ethereum History on Unique.One

June 11th-June 26th

ETHDenver is infamous as the largest Web3 hackathon (#BUIDLathon) in the world for both Ethereum and other blockchain protocol enthusiasts, designers, and developers.

Join the celebration as ETHDenver evolves into a Community-Owned Organization with the launch of its SPORK DAO.

Bufficorn, PegaBufficorn, Spork Marmot, BuffiGWEI, and more!

Rare, early provenance, and surprise characters from the ETHDenver Bufficorn family-themed art collection by talented artists will be auctioned on the Unique.One Art Marketplace beginning June 11th.

Highlights Summer LP Rewards Programme

The Unique One Summer Rewards Programme began June 1st.

***New! FANS/ETH Uniswap LP Rewards

***New! FOTO/XOR and FOTO/ETH Rewards

(Please note that FOTO rewards for RARE/ETH Uniswap and RARE/XOR ended May 31st.)

Please check the Unique One Exchanges page for more details of the Summer LP Rewards Programme.

Responding to the desires of the Community for a FANS/ETH pool on Uniswap instead of Sakeswap, a new FANS/ETH LP will open June 1st with Rewards!

Beginning June 1st, 00:00UTC, 350 $FANS tokens will be rewarded daily to LPs in the new FANS/ETH Uniswap pool.

$FANS holders can join the FANS/ETH Uniswap pool here:

*Please note that $FANS Rewards for FANS/ETH Sakeswap pool will be discontinued as of June 1st, 00:00 UTC.

Current XOR x Unique.One Pools

If you are participating in XOR/RARE, XOR/FOTO, or XOR/FANS Pools on the Polkaswap DEX, you will receive your PSWAP rewards directly from Polkaswap.

But your Unique.One rewards must come from Unique.One. Presently, we need your SORA wallet address for each pool you are in to calculate your rewards from Unique.One so you can claim them from your dashboard.

Please list your SORA wallet address ( Sora Address cnxxxxxxx ) on the form below for each pool you are participating in.

If you are entered into the same LP twice (using two different wallets), please fill out the form again for each wallet address in that respective pool.

If you do not provide your SORA wallet address, we will be unable to calculate…

ETHDenver $SPORK Token Launch Party & NFT Bazaar, June 11-June 26, 2021

ETHDenver is hosting a virtual and IRL $SPORK Launch Party June 26th to celebrate the launch of its community token — $SPORK.

ETHDenver’s transition to a community-led organization — which began during the ETHDenver 2020 event — will finally be realized with a landmark ETH party and community celebration.

The $SPORK Rewards Launch Party will be preceded by a two-week NFT Art Bazaar and Auction featuring NFT Art from select artists.

Call for Artists: Express your inner Bufficorn, PegaBufficorn, Spork Marmot, or BuffiGWEI!

ETHDenver would like to see artists explore the diversity of the Bufficorn Community Characters: Bufficorns, PegaBufficorns, Spork Marmots, and the most recent addition to the family…the BuffiGWEI!

Art will…

Unique.FANS NFT Art Marketplace Launches!

In just less than a month, the Unique.One Volunteer Founding Team has managed to answer the call of erotic artists to launch it’s second marketplace — directly on the heels of launching Unique.One on three different blockchains within three months.

This second marketplace is an NFT Marketplace we proudly call Unique.Fans.

When we learned that NSFW NFTs have long been discriminated against on all major platforms, we had to answer the call for a marketplace that caters specifically to NSFW NFTs and allows artists to build a community of their own with their own rules.

Unique.Fans is not only the…


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