A Substrate-based next-generation NFT application-specific blockchain leveraging Web3.0 interoperability to augment the NFT Evolution.

UPDATE: This proposal was passed by community vote.

The Unique.One project and its additional marketplaces, UniqueOne.Photo and Unique.Fans, were created to be governed by a DAO — Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.

As stated in the initial ratification of the Unique One DAO, through DAO governance, new parameters could be adopted should…

Unique.One, the world’s first next-generation, purely decentralized NFT Art Marketplace, independently operated by the Digital Art community, is celebrating it’s upcoming one year anniversary and dropping a handpicked collection of custom NFTs crafted by CoinTelegraph Artists in honor of innovation and the great minds of famous visionaries.

Happy Anniversary Unique One Community!

The Unique One…

We caught up with Jason Wong, the COO of Unique One Love for Unique One Network. Unique One Network is a Substrate-based, next-generation, decentralized NFT application-specific blockchain leveraging Web3.0 interoperability to augment the NFT Evolution.

We’ve read that the Unique One Team didn’t accept any venture capital or corporate support when you launched in 2020 — Why is that?

Yes, this is true. In fact, it was a significant part of our initial ethos…

10 NFTs out of the first 100 NFTs minted on Unique One Polygon Art Marketplace were randomly chosen to win $100 each in $RARE!

$100 in $RARE will be transferred to the SORA wallets listed with the following entries.

Congratulations to the following winners of the Polygon Art Marketplace first minters contest!











Originally published at https://www.unique.one on October 4, 2021.

September Winning Artists from Unique.One ETH, xDai, Polygon, and BSC NFT Marketplaces

Each month, the Unique One Network founding team votes on exceptional artwork minted on each chain: xDai, BSC, Polygon, and ETH.

Winners are announced mid month.

Congratulations Mesdames et Messieurs!

September winners from 4 different Unique.One chains for minting exceptional artwork.

This month’s winners feature digital drawing and conceptual artworks!


The following artists will be airdropped 300 $RARE tokens into your mainnet wallet.

You can claim your $RARE tokens on your Profile Dashboard after logging into Unique One Ethereum Art Marketplace.

Winner for xDAI chain!


Winner for BSC chain!


Winner for Polygon chain!


Winner for ETH chain!


FMP is an ongoing monthly event.

Check out our Telegram group often to get updates on all Unique.One rewards programmes.

Originally published at https://www.unique.one on September 16, 2021.

Unique One Network

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