April xDai/ETH Rewards Governance Vote

The Unique.One project introduced our second marketplace on Ethereum L2 xDai on the 10th of March 2021 to provide artists with a lower-cost platform option to mint their artwork.

xDai allows users to mint, buy, and sell their artwork for fractions of a dollar. NFTs minted on xDai can even be transferred, along with their associated metadata, to other chains, such as Ethereum, via bridges.

The Unique.One Community voted to extend Creation, Transaction, and Volume rewards to both the Ethereum and the xDai chains for an experimental phase at a ratio of 90% Ethereum to 10% xDai for the period between 10th March to 31st March 2021.

The community is required to decide whether or not to continue the reward split between Ethereum and xDai chain as it stands or change it for the reward allocation period from 1st April to 15th April 2021.

The following are the options:

*50% Ethereum / 50% xDai

*60% Ethereum / 40% xDai

*70% Ethereum / 30% xDai

*80% Ethereum / 20% xDai

*90% Ethereum / 10% xDai

*95% Ethereum/5% xDai

100% Ethereum/0% xDai

This experimental stage will continue until such time the community reaches a consensus that there is stability in the system.

The community will have another opportunity to engage in a governance vote prior to the start of the April 16th rewards period.

Voting starts April 2nd Midnight Japan time (00:00 April 3 JST) and ends April 6 Midnight Japan time (00:00 April 7 JST)

You can also access the Governance page on Unique.One to vote.

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