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4 min readAug 31, 2021

From its inception, Unique.One has both budgeted and expected to collaborate with art projects from around the world — in both the digital and physical space — that share our ethos — “By the Community, For the Community.”

Unique.One is proud to announce our first collaboration with Endgame Association (EGA), in association with the Cyber Panther Party, to help bridge the gap between the Digital and Physical art worlds while both supporting artists and cultivating community.

Unique.One and UniqueOne.Photo is asking for its communitys’ support to pass this proposal to sponsor the following event where chess, crypto, and empowering communities come together.

Endgame Association Empowers Local Communities

EGA’s mission is to create strategies to inspire marginalized communities to become self-determined.

EGA provides programs that include: art, chess, financial literacy, youth mentoring, and access to resources for those in need. EGA aspires to influence leaders that are driven to make a difference.

By empowering communities with resources & education through strategic development, EGA’s vision and reach extends far beyond the competitive chess board.

Beyond seizing opportunities to financially empower communities via crypto and NFTs, EGA disseminates the knowledge it acquires at its chess tournaments in physical spaces to further nurture the intimate bond that cultivates and empowers local communities.

The Cyber Panther Party is NFT Activism for Civil Rights

The CyberPanther Party is a generative art NFT project with a focus on activism built using ERC721s and governed through DAO code. The Cyber Panther Party’s 10,000 Panthers project is being created to highlight the struggle for civil and human rights for people of color and all of those who are oppressed.

Activism is usually targeted by big corporations and corrupt people that want to oppress others. This is a main reason why The Cyber Panther Party leverages the blockchain using DAO methodology as a revolutionary way to make sure its community’s voices will never be silenced or censored.

Creative Proposal Community Programme to be approved by DAO

Unique.One would like to propose the following Collaborative Community Art Programme to raise awareness and engagement by bridging the gap between Digital and Physical artists and support blockchain and financial literacy in marginalised communities.

16 selected artists will mint NFTs of custom chess boards on Unique.One. Each artist will be commissioned with 1,745 $RARE per artist to be distributed upon submission of the finished artworks.


@antoinedonte + @3lair.png + @crispysz + @javontheunique + @sketch__e + @treesthecreative + @chattyancestors + + @omymarley + @mikefogg24 + @zaidasart + @bannedesign + @t1taytay + @ubsociety_ + @nokaylee + @cyathecreator

A live chess tournament will be then held using the custom chess boards at the McNichols Civic Center Building, 144 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO, October 1st, 2021 (6PM — 9PM MST).

The artists will also create a chess board canvas piece live at the event and those pieces will also be minted on Unique.One.

The games of the chess tournament will be captured by photographer Riley Russill. The most liked/voted on photos from the collection of 200–300 photos will be minted on UniqueOne.Photo.

UniqueOne.Photo will sponsor the photographer with 61k $FOTO for time, travel, post-production, and minting.

Voting for these proposals will begin on Sept 2nd at noon UTC — Sept 5th at noon UTC for both Unique.One and UniqueOne.Network Communities.

Unique.One $RARE holders, please vote here.

UniqueOne.Photo $FOTO holders, please vote here.


ARC Revolution Crypto



The Cyber Panther Party

Park Hill Financial District

Generational Venture Partners

UniqueOneNetwork for Unique.One and UniqueOne.Photo

EVENT ACTIVITIES: Art, Chess, Dialogue, Crypto Literacy, Financial Literacy, Food, Live Music, Live Painting

OPENING REMARKS: by Brandon Jackson & Robert Gray (6:00 PM -6:10 PM) (introduction of event & organizers, chess tournament registration (start by 6:30 PM)

MUSICAL SET: Monique Brooks-Roberts + Live Band (6:00 PM — 6:30 PM)

DIALOGUE: Park Hill Financial District (6:30 PM — 6:40 PM)

Business Credit/Financial Literacy/Personal Credit

MUSICAL SET: Parris Fleming (6:45 PM — 7:15 PM)

DIALOGUE: ARC Revolution Crypto (7:15 PM — 7:30 PM)

Education/Presentation of Cryptocurrency & DeFi

MUSICAL SET: Monique Brooks-Roberts + Live Band (7:30 PM — 8:00 PM)

NFT PRESENTATION: The Cyber Panther Party (8:00 PM — 8:15 PM)

Presentation of NFT Project

NFT PRESENTATION: All Visual Artists (8:15 PM — 8:30 PM)

Presentation of End Game Association

LIVE MUSIC BY: Monique Brooks-Roberts + Live Band + Parris Flemming

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