Congratulations Early Adopters! $FANS Rewards Updates

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2 min readAug 7, 2021

As described in our March $FANS Token Announcement, the $FANS Project Launch included an additional 90,000 $FANS rewards distribution incentive for all $RARE and $FANS LPs over the course of the first 3 months to reward early adopters.

After the initial three-month launch period, LP rewards settle into a 150,000 $FANS LP Rewards scheme of 30,000 per year period over the course of 5 years totaling 15% of the total 1 Million $FANS for $FANS LPs only — as described in the Distribution Chart below.

There will only be a maximum of 1 Million $FANS tokens ever minted.

$FANS Tokenomics was approved by the Unique.Fans Community DAO.

To date, all 90,000 of the $FANS for the $RARE and $FANS LP incentivisation period have successfully been distributed to early adopters of the $RARE and $FANS LP rewards programmes offered.

We would like to congratulate all members of the Unique One Community who participated in early LP mining and reaped the benefit of these additional rewards.

We would also like to update the community as $FANS rewards settle into their long-term phase so that the community is always informed.

Effective July 15th, $FANS rewards are distributed to $FANS LPs only — at the rate of 30,000 per year over the course of 5 years totaling 150,000 $FANS.

As described in $FANS Tokenomics, rewards now no longer apply to $RARE LP pools which were a part of the early adoption incentive. (This includes all $RARE LPs e.g. RARE/XOR and RARE/ETH.)

Current $FANS LP Programmes

  • Polkaswap FANS/XOR — 40 $FANS per day
  • Uniswap FANS/ETH — 40 $FANS per day

We would like to thank the early adopters of the Unique.Fans platform for their participation and support in the successful launch of FANS. (Stay tuned for the next exciting platform launch!)

We invite all Community Members to stay updated on all current LP programmes and rewards distributions by visiting Unique.One/Exchange



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