Development Updates Now Live on Unique.One

UniqueOne Network
2 min readApr 8, 2021


New features now live on Unique.One Art Marketplace

Our developers have been listening to the community for desired upgrades to the platforms. Here are some of the new features that were recently rolled out and are now live on both our Ethereum and xDai Unique.One Marketplaces.

3D Models NFT Now Supported

Unique.One now supports 3D Model NFTs and allows cover photo uploads for 3D models.

The 3D model viewer supports .glft, .glb and .vox (MagicaVoxel).

3D model contents are auto-synchronized from IPFS to AWS S3 to deliver the best viewing performance on the web.

New $FANS Claim Function on Dashboard

Now you can claim your $FANS airdrops and rewards directly from your Dashboard.

Just connect your wallet to the Unique.One Art Marketplace, navigate to your Profile, and claim your $FANS.

New Activities Listings under Profile

Now you can view activities such as mint, list for sale, unlist, bought, sold, and transfer activities directly on your Dashboard.

Copyright Infringement Deterrent for Minters and Buyers

The Unique.One platform UI has been integrated with Google Cloud Web Detection API to detect and retrieve similar images and display their URLs under Web References in the Collectibles detail page.

This feature allows buyers to determine whether or not the image on the NFT they are buying already has a digital footprint.



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