ETHDenver SPORK Token Launch Party NFT Bazaar: Call for Artists

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3 min readMay 7, 2021


ETHDenver $SPORK Token Launch Party & NFT Bazaar, June 11-June 26, 2021

ETHDenver is hosting a virtual and IRL $SPORK Launch Party June 26th to celebrate the launch of its community token — $SPORK.

ETHDenver’s transition to a community-led organization — which began during the ETHDenver 2020 event — will finally be realized with a landmark ETH party and community celebration.

The $SPORK Rewards Launch Party will be preceded by a two-week NFT Art Bazaar and Auction featuring NFT Art from select artists.

Call for Artists: Express your inner Bufficorn, PegaBufficorn, Spork Marmot, or BuffiGWEI!

ETHDenver would like to see artists explore the diversity of the Bufficorn Community Characters: Bufficorns, PegaBufficorns, Spork Marmots, and the most recent addition to the family…the BuffiGWEI!

Art will be auctioned on the Unique.One NFT Art Marketplace, shown in the ETHDenver Cryptovoxels Virtual Art Gallery, and on display in the RiNo Art District near downtown Denver, Colorado, USA beginning June 11th. Auctions will close after the $SPORK Token Launch Party June 26th.

Participate in one of the largest NFT Bazaars in Ethereum history.

Up to 100 artists will be selected to mint their art as NFTs for the ETHDenver Auction.

  • All minting artists will qualify to receive bi-monthly $RARE Creation Rewards.
  • Artists will automatically receive 10% royalties on the sales revenue of their NFTs in Ethereum.
  • Artists will receive $SPORK airdrops for their community contribution to ETHDenver.
  • All artwork IP will be assigned to ETHDenver.
  • Artists will also receive additional allocations of $SPORK tokens for any artwork used by ETHDenver in any future sales of swag at

How to submit?

Interested artists are encouraged to immerse themselves in the Bufficorn legacy by first reading the Bufficorn origin story to get better acquainted with the ETHDenver Community Characters.

ETHDenver Community Characters

Submission Categories

Submissions must be new art that has not been previously published, shown, released or tokenized.

Artists can participate in two categories for the ETHDenver $SPORK Launch Party & NFT Art Bazaar.

1) Digital Art (Optionally Includes a Tangible Version)

  • Any still art, video, or audio/video project would be perfect for this category
  • 2D or 3D art welcomed
  • Allowed file types: JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP3, WAV, MP4, GLTF, GLB or VOX

2) Digital Wearables (Optionally Includes a Tangible Version)

  • Any 3D file that you would like to be made into a wearable for an avatar in Cryptovoxels is ideal for this category
  • Wearables like T-shirts, pants, pendants, earrings, sunglasses, ski masks, hats, or other clothing
  • If you already have a voxel file, you’re good to go. If not, we can accept any of the file types listed below and convert them for you
  • Allowed file types: obj, 3ds, abc, xml, bullet, dae, x, dxf, fbx, ai, rib, stl, wrl

Submit your art to secure your role in ETHDenver history

Submit your work HERE.

Deadline to apply: June 1, 2021 @ 5PM MDT (UTC — 6:00)

Artists will be notified of acceptance by June 8, 2021.

Artists do not have to be present to participate.



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