February $FOTO Airdrop Updates

HODL $RARE in February to get $FOTO

$FOTO is a token created on the Ethereum blockchain to govern the ecosystem of the Unique.Photo platform — from NFT Creation Mining to Liquidity Pools, and the Unique.Photo DAO.

$FOTO has a Fixed Total Supply Token Model — Only 100 million $FOTO tokens will ever be created.

100% of the platform fees are used to buy back $FOTO from the market and burn it — to reduce the circulating supply and create more value for $FOTO token Hodlers.

February $FOTO Airdrop to all $RARE holders and LPs

Unique.One is rewarding early adopters that kickstarted this movement of anti-VC community-run art marketplaces.

All $RARE holders using non-custodial wallets* and LPs on Balancer and Uniswap will receive direct $FOTO token airdrops from the project.

*👉🏼Airdrops to wallets held by central exchanges, such as BiKi accounts, will be received from the exchange.

A random snapshot will be taken daily from February 12-February 28, 2021, and averaged for the airdrop.

$FOTO Airdrop for 52 Card Deck NFT Holders

All holders of First Edition Gold, Silver, and Bronze NFTs from the RARE LIMITED EDITION 52 Card Deck Project at the time of the Snapshot will receive $FOTO airdrops.

A snapshot will be taken at Midnight on February 28th, Tokyo time. (Technically 00:00 March 1st, JST)

Wallets holding the RARE LIMITED EDITION NFTs at the time of this Snapshot will receive the $FOTO tokens.

👉🏼Please be aware of the Snapshot time if your RLE NFT is currently On Sale.

Questions about $FOTO?

$FOTO is the token for Unique.Photo.

$FOTO tokens will be airdropped upon the Launch in March 2021.

Still have questions? Talk to us here Telegram.

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