NFT Week — Unique.One at ETHDenver 2021

Unique.One is a proud sponsor of ETHDenver Virtual 2021

ETHDenver is the world’s largest annual Web3 software building competition for all blockchain protocols.

The 2021 100% virtual event will take place February 5–12 and expects to host 5000+ blockchain and technology enthusiasts, developers, and community members from all over the globe.

ETHDenver’s mission to build the decentralized future alongside key developers and thought leaders in the space is in direct harmony with the goals of the Unique.One project.

What is ETHDenver?

The first ETHDenver Hackathon in 2018 was strictly an Eth hackathon in Colorado with attendees from over 20 countries.

In 2020, ETHDenver opened its hackathon to other blockchains and technologies not directly related to Ethereum.

The result was a smashing 7-day 24/7 event packed with activities including #BUIDL Week events, talks, and workshops. There were 2450 attendees from all over the world.

What is ETHDenver 2021?

In 2021, the pandemic isn’t stopping ETHDenver anymore than it’s stopping blockchain innovation.

ETHDenver will be 100% virtual — browser-based — no headset or special equipment is required.

ETHDenver is 100% free to attend — you just need to apply to be granted access to the virtual environments and community events.

A few highlights of their 2021 event are:

  • Virtual Castle
  • #Buidlation
  • 8 Days of interactive Live Streams
  • Panels & Talks by Industry Luminaries
  • 100k+ in Bounties, Prizes & Investments
  • Virtual Art Gallery
  • Virtual Maker Space
  • Minecraft Virtual Castle Melees
  • DJ Livestream and Virtual Concert, and much more

The entire world can join the ETHDenver 2021

Unique.One and Ethereum

Unique.One currently leverages the power of the Ethereum blockchain to provide value to the artist community.

At ETHDenver we hope to spread the word about the world's first 💯% community-owned non-profit NFT platform — and the many rewards it offers users.

Unique.One is the least expensive platform for creators in the world.

⭐️We have an artist no-fee policy

⭐️The platform fees are just 1% buyer fees

⭐️The token model uses these 1% buyer fees to buyback $RARE from the market and return it to the community ♻️ through the creation, transaction, and volume mining rewards — as well as airdrops and artists contests.

Our mission is to educate artists about the opportunities offered them through decentralization — and the provenance that non-fungible tokens (ERC721 & ERC1155) on the Eth blockchain make possible.

🦄We are also committed to continual improvements in UI/UX — we want conventional artists to hop on without needing to understand what a decentralized marketplace is.🦄

The current limitations that the Ethereum blockchain poses in terms of congestion and gas fees can act as barriers to NFT creation. The Unique.One Team is actively addressing these issues.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements at ETHDenver!

👉🏼Unique.One will play a special role in bringing artists into the NFT world

👉🏼Unique.One will introduce new tech allowing users to do more with their NFTs and $RARE tokens

We look forward to collaborating with other thought leaders, developers, and projects who are also vigorously seeking solutions in the NFT space.

NFT Week — Win $RARE rewards during ETHDenver

Every day of ETHDenver (February 5–12th), 15 randomly chosen NFTs per day will receive 100 USD in $RARE tokens each as a reward.

How to enter:

  1. Mint an NFT on
  2. Tweet your NFT (tag @UniqueOne_UO and use #UniqueOneNFTweek #ETHDenver)
  3. Go here and follow the simple steps

🏆To find out if you won 100USD in $RARE, come to the Unique.One booth located in the Moon Shill Zone of the ETHDenver Virtual Castle and check the Slides.

Visit Unique.One at ETHDenver Virtual Castle

Drop by the Unique.One booth in the Moon Shill Zone of the ETHDenver Virtual Castle during February 5–12.

Volunteer Founding members will be available during open hours to chat, answer questions, and provide information about our platform, marketplace, and the exciting future of the Unique Ecosystem.

Helpful Information

How to purchase $RARE on Uniswap

Go to

$RARE Token Contract

Provide Liquidity on Balancer for $RARE rewards

Provide Liquidity on Uniswap for $RARE rewards

Uniswap Charts

Important Security Reminder

The Secret Keys to your Metamask wallet are your responsibility. Make sure you keep them safe and do not share them with anyone. No one can help you if you lose your Secret Keys.

How to contact Unique.One?

Visit us here Unique.One

Talk to us here Telegram

Follow us here Twitter, Medium, Instagram



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