Rare Limited Edition NFTs with $FOTO Airdrops on Unique.One

$FOTO Token Airdrops Unlockable

Unlockable Content with NFT sales on Unique.One

The First Edition Gold, Silver, and Bronze NFTs from the 52 Card Deck Project are now for sale the Unique.One NFT Digital Art Marketplace — with special unlockable content and $FOTO token Airdrops upon purchase.

52 Card Deck is an artist’s incentivisation project. The Unique.One community commissions budding artists with the opportunity to get paid for their work. Any artist can apply for a commission.

$FOTO is the token for Unique.Photo.

Since these artworks are minted by the project, royalties are set to zero, and Creation Rewards and Seller Rewards (both Transaction and Volume) will be turned off. Only buyers will receive the Transaction and Volume Rewards for buying RARE LIMITED EDITION NFTs. The project will not take a share of the community rewards.

A snapshot will be taken at Midnight on February 28th, Tokyo time. (Technically 00:00 March 1st, JST)

Wallets holding the RARE LIMITED EDITION NFTs at the time of this Snapshot will receive the $FOTO tokens.

👉🏼Please be aware of the Snapshot time if your RLE NFT is currently On Sale.

Unique.Photo — Launching this Spring 2021

Unique.One, the world’s only next-generation, purely decentralized NFT Art Marketplace, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of Unique.Photo.

Unique.Photo is a permissionless photography NFT platform with the same ethos as Unique.One — A platform for the community by the community.

Like Unique.One, Unique.Photo incentivises digital artists and photographers instead of profiting off of them.

Photographers are not charged fees to mint their work — they are rewarded.

Unique.Photo caters to the specific need of photographers, helps them tokenize their work to prove provenance for sales, and shows them how to get rewarded for using the Unique.Photo platform.

In keeping with the Unique.One ethos, Unique.Photo will have a fair launch.

Learn more about Unique.Photo here.

Helpful Information

How to purchase $RARE on Uniswap

Go to http://uniqueone.exchange

$RARE Token Contract


Provide Liquidity on Balancer for $RARE rewards


Provide Liquidity on Uniswap for $RARE rewards


Uniswap Charts


Important Security Reminder

The Secret Keys to your Metamask wallet are your responsibility. Make sure you keep them safe and do not share them with anyone. No one can help you if you lose your Secret Keys.

How to contact Unique.One?

Visit us here Unique.One

Talk to us here Telegram

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A truly decentralised non-profit platform owned and managed by the Digital Arts community, bringing together Artists, Creators and Collectors as One.

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