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4 min readFeb 21, 2021
IRL Art and Unique.One Collaboration

Bridging the Digital and Physical Art Worlds!

As a Community Digital Art Marketplace, Unique.One’s mission has always been to help uplift the struggling art community.

From its inception, Unique.One has both budgeted and expected to collaborate with art projects from around the world — in both the digital and physical space — that share the same ethos.

Unique.One is proud to announce our first collaboration with IRL Art to help bridge the gap between the Digital and Physical art worlds while supporting artists from both.

By Artists For Artists — IRL Art

IRL Art is an ever-growing database of living, working, experiential Artists whose mission, “By artists for artists,” closely aligns with Unique.One’s “By the community, for the community.”

As an employee-owned organisation, IRL Art implements progressive profit-sharing models and equity agreements to self-fund amazing projects — like the Black Love Mural Festival for Juneteenth in Denver, Colorado, which IRL Art encapsulated in living digital content for all to experience.

Unique.One and IRL Art Collaboration

Creative Proposal Community Programme to be approved by DAO

Unique.One would like to propose the following 3-month Collaborative Community Art Programme to raise awareness and engagement by bridging the gap between Digital and Physical artists from all genres the world over.

IRL Art will facilitate one monthly project for three months to bring more artists into the Unique.One community to explore innovative collaborations between physical artists and blockchain technology.

March 2021

VR Gallery Crypto Art Show in Cryptovoxels

Prompted by the sublime VR Gallery “Artifacts of the Metaverse,” created by IRL Art for ETHDenver 2021, IRL Art will build a new VR Gallery in collaboration with Unique.One.

All artists will submit artworks tokenized on the Unique.One Art Marketplace.

The first 50 tokenized art submissions are eligible for 50 $RARE each to offset the current costs of minting (Eth gas minting fees).

The allocated budget for the VR Gallery project is 5,000 $RARE.

Artifacts of the Metaverse” — IRL Art at ETHDenver 2021

April 2021

Physical Gallery Pop-Up Crypto Art Show

Connecting crypto art to the physical, IRL Art and Unique.One will sponsor a Physical Gallery Pop-up Crypto Art show such as The Acoma St. Project — the world’s first socially distanced art exhibition and Livestream Venue.

All artists will submit artworks tokenized on Unique.One on the Unique.One Marketplace.

The first 50 tokenized art submissions are eligible for 50 $RARE each to offset the costs of minting (Eth gas minting fees).

The allocated budget for the VR Gallery project is 7,000 $RARE.

IRL Art at Acoma Street Project 2020

May 2021

The World’s First Fully Tokenized Mural Festival

Inspired by the evergreen rendition of the Black Love Mural Festival, Unique.One and IRL Art will collaborate to create the World’s First Fully Tokenized Mural Festival.

25 artists are rewarded 750 tokens to paint a permanent mural, tokenize their physical art, and include a QR code with their listing on the Unique.One Art Marketplace.

The mural festival will then be recreated in Cryptovoxels with AR overlay for all to enjoy anywhere on the planet.

The allocated budget for the Tokenized Mural and VR Gallery project is 7,000 $RARE.

Artist Ki’erre Dawkins, Black Love Mural Festival, City Center Park, Denver, Colorado 2020

Onboarding Artists to the Unique.One Art Community

All artists will be encouraged to keep their profits from their art sales in Eth but to HODL their $RARE rewards to be eligible for further community benefits, contest rewards, and decision making.

Artists will need to HODL at least 50 $RARE in their wallets to be in the running for additional contest rewards.

The approved allocation shall be disbursed to IRL Art before the end of February upon ratification by the community.

IRL Art Metamask 0x: 0x1253594843798Ff0fcd7Fa221B820C2d3cA58FD5

IRL Art Status.im 0x: 0x6110aF189545bD93Ff8154c1011C4DD7fBF6F2EB

Voting begins February 21st at midnight JST

Unique.One is honoured to bring this proposal before the Unique.One Community for ratification. Please show your support by voting here.

Voting opens February 21 at midnight Japan time. (Technically February 22, 2021, 00:00 JST)

Voting will remain open for three calendar days and close on February 24 at midnight Japan time. (Technically February 25, 2021, 00:00 JST)

UPDATE: This proposal was passed by community vote.


Feel free to reach out to us on Telegram if you have any questions about this proposed collaboration.



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