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3 min readApr 8, 2021

Unique.One Launches its 3rd Art Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain

Following the success of Unique.One xDai, Unique.One is excited to announce the launch of its new Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Art Marketplace on April 10th.

In celebration of a multichain future where NFT assets live on multiple blockchains in the decentralized web, Unique.One will be minting Multichain Gembots created by Cointelegraph artists on the BSC Art Marketplace to the first 14 lucky minters. (See details below.)

Unique.One’s Ethereum, xDai, and BSC Art Marketplaces operate side-by-side giving creators more options for maximum freedom and flexibility. Its decentralised photography art marketplace, Unique One Photo, will be launching in May on Ethereum and xDai before moving to Sora.

What is Binance Smart Chain

Originally launched in September by Binance Dex in an effort to bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized finance, Binance Smart Chain is community-driven blockchain software with developers and contributors from around the world.

BSC was built to be EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible to deploy DApps built for Ethereum. The goal of BSC is not to replace Ethereum, but to provide an alternative for NFT creators discouraged by volatile Eth gas fees.

Experience faster and cheaper minting

With block speeds of less than 5 seconds per block and transaction costs of fractions of a dollar, BSC is one of the more affordable decentralised networks available. Since its inception, BSC has generated a buzz of activity resulting in the production of a variety of DeFi apps and DEXs.

BSC uses BEP-20 tokens, which have the same functions as their Ethereum counterpart ERC 20 tokens. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) based NFTs are called BEP-721 and BEP-1155 — compared to Ethereum’s ERC-721 and ERC-1155. Users will need $BNB tokens for gas fees on Binance Smart Chain.

BSC also supports cross-chain asset transfers that are pegged to another currency — “pegged tokens” — much like Ethereum’s wrapped tokens. BSCs “pegged tokens” allow users to transfer non-native tokens across multiple chains. You can read more about that here.

Gembot NFTs designed by Cointelegraph Artists to be Airdropped on Unique.One BSC April 10-April 21

Gembots designed by Cointelegraph artists to be airdropped on Unique.One BSC

In celebration of its multichain venture, Unique.One will be minting special edition Gembot NFTs created by Cointelegraph artists on its new BSC Art Marketplace.

Gembot NFTs by Cointelegraph Artists Airdrops

To celebrate its multichain diversity, Unique.One is airdropping special edition Gembot NFTs representing well-known blockchains created by Cointelegraph artists to the first adopters of the Unique.One BSC Art Marketplace on a random basis per the schedule and rules below.

Gembot NFT airdrops are only available to users of the Unique.One BSC Art Marketplace from April 10th-April 30th.

Each week for three weeks beginning April 10th at Noon UTC, the 14 randomly chosen users per week who mint on Unique.One Binance Smart Chain will be awarded one Gembot NFT with special power codes.

Gembot NFT special power codes will be used to generate future surprises!

7 Power Codes Available

  • N4V8JPYSP9 POWER (Mythic) — 1 card
  • JV52V0R4TT POWER (Extremely Rare) 1 card
  • NMY5V3ALKQ POWER (Rare) 2 cards
  • VY67UF18RS POWER (Common) 2 cards
  • SJ78PNG05H POWER (Common) 2 cards
  • MB6F3YJ5B7 POWER (Common) 2 cards
  • 76YBSP3TTY POWER (Common) 2 cards
  • 1GBN6YVVS9 POWER (Common) 2 cards

Updated Schedule for Gembot NFT Airdrops:

April 10 Noon UTC — April 17 Noon UTC: 14 Gembot NFTs will be awarded

April 17 Noon UTC — April 24 Noon UTC: 14 Gembot NFTs will be awarded

April 24 Noon UTC-April 30 Noon UTC: 14 Gembot NFTs will be awarded.

Updated Rules for Gembot NFT Airdrops:

Each time period, 14 wallets out of all NFT minters on Unique.One Binance Smart Chain for that time period will be chosen via an automated random generator.

Only one Gembot NFT per user wallet will be awarded.

Gembots will be awarded after May 1.

*Please note that this contest begins April 10 Noon UTC and ends April 30 Noon UTC. Any mints prior to April 10 Noon UTC or after April 30 Noon UTC snapshots are not included in the Gembot NFT Airdrop.



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