Unique.One Launches 2nd Marketplace on xDai

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2 min readMar 5, 2021

Unique.One Airdropping Uniquepixies on xDai

Unique.One was founded with the mission of supporting artists. But recent Eth gas fees have raised the barriers too high for many artists to afford to mint their NFTs on Ethereum.

To help all artists onboard to the world of NFTs, Unique.One will launch an additional marketplace on xDai — Unique.One xDai.

Unique.One xDai Lowers the Barriers

xDai allows users to mint, buy, and sell their artwork for pennies. NFTs minted on xDai can even be transferred, along with their associated metadata, to other chains, such as Ethereum, via bridges.

Unique.One xDai offers an inexpensive way for all artists to create and manage NFTs so they can share their Uniqueness with the world.

The native currency of the xDai chain is XDai which is a stablecoin. Stablecoins maintain their value as equal to the US dollar.

Uniquepixies Airdrops on XDai

Unique.One is airdropping Uniquepixies to celebrate its multichain ventures!

A Uniquepixie is a little pixel art character NFT you can own with blockchain’d proof of ownership. They are delivered within a frame, with a background, at a 512*512 resolution.

How to claim your Uniquepixie

Upon the launch of Unique.One xDai March 10, 2021, all community members that mint an NFT on xDai will be eligible to claim their Uniquepixies upon satisfying the conditions below.

3000 Uniquepixies to be given away on xDai

Users who create one NFT on the Unique.One xDai Marketplace between March 10th, noon Japan time (12:00 JST) — March 31st, midnight Japan time (April 1 00:00 JST) will receive one Uniquepixie NFT.

Uniquepixies Airdrop Rules

  1. Must use Metamask wallet
  2. Must fill out Uniquepixie claim form here.
  3. Only one Uniquepixie per wallet address

Questions about xDai or Uniquepixies?

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