Unique.One Will Never Ask For Your Seed Phrase!

Make sure you are on the correct website before performing any transactions!

UniqueOne Network
2 min readFeb 6, 2021

Today Unique.One put our first NFT’s on sale to great success. However, it attracted some unwanted attention. Scammers.

Please be careful in the crypto space. Scammers clone websites and change settings to try and get your seed phrase to steal your crypto.

Make Sure to Double Check The Website Address

Before making any transactions, make sure you are on the correct website.

Always make sure the URL you visit is http://unique.one/ for our landing page and https://app.unique.one/ to visit our NFT Marketplace.

Please be aware of a fake/scam website with the URL in the image below.

Unique.one will never ask for your Metamask seed phrase and/or password!

Be Careful of Facebook Scammers

If you are tagged with your profile picture on Facebook, it is a scam. (This one has been going around for years.)

For Unique.One, or any other project, if you see something like this with your profile picture, it is a scam…

Airdrops from Unique.One will always be announced on our Medium and Telegram Channels ahead of time!

Unique.One Telegram Admins will never DM you first!

The Admins in the Unique.One Telegram Community Group will never DM you first. If you are contacted by DM from anyone claiming to be from Unique.One, it is a scam.

If you discover something is wrong or have an issue, please report it to the Telegram group. Admins will only reach out in the group first.

Have Fun but Be Safe!

Our community is everything to us. Please make sure to be careful while you enjoy Digital Art.



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