Unique.One X Polkaswap LPs Must Read

If you are participating in XOR/RARE, XOR/FOTO, or XOR/FANS Pools on the Polkaswap DEX, you will receive your PSWAP rewards directly from Polkaswap.

But your Unique.One rewards must come from Unique.One. Presently, we need your SORA wallet address for each pool you are in to calculate your rewards from Unique.One so you can claim them from your dashboard.

If you are entered into the same LP twice (using two different wallets), please fill out the form again for each wallet address in that respective pool.

If you do not provide your SORA wallet address, we will be unable to calculate your LP Rewards and distribute them to your dashboard at the present time.

👉🏼Do not submit your generic Substrate address which begins with “5…”

👉🏼Your SORA address begins with “cn…” — If you do not know how to access your SORA wallet address, please follow this guide here.

Please submit your SORA Polkaswap LP wallet addresses here.

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