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Black Love Art & Crypto VR gallery tokenized on Unique.One

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3 min readMar 15, 2021
Black Love Art & Crypto VR Gallery

The Physical B.L.A.C Gallery

Stemming from the root of the Black Love Mural Festival (see the digital version here), the Black Love Art & Crypto show was created in a physical gallery in Denver in honour and celebration of Black History Month.

Originally organized by IRL Art and the RiNo Arts District for February, the Black Art Love & Crypto (B.L.A.C Gallery) has been now been extended through March — And has expanded into the digital realms via collaboration Unique.One.

Paintings and physical artwork by over 30 local black artists are on display in the gallery space at 2715 Larimer Street — digital art is also displayed on vintage CRTs, computer monitors, and TV monitors.

The B.L.A.C. Gallery, 2715 Larimer Street, Denver, Colorado, USA

Tokenizing the B.L.A.C Gallery on Unique.One

In February, the Unique.One Community proposed to grant $RARE to 50 artists to tokenize their artwork and display it in a VR gallery.

The proposal was passed by a majority vote.

The tokenized art is on display in the Black Love Art & Crypto show on cryptovoxels.

The IRL Art team, collaborators, and artists say they are very grateful for the opportunity to engage in financial literacy, DAOs, and so much more through Unique.One.

Visit the Black Love Art & Crypto VR Gallery

Black Love Art & Crypto VR Gallery

Visit the Black Love Art & Crypto VR Gallery and explore all of the artworks from these amazing artists.

Art on display in the VR gallery is available for sale on the Unique.One Art Marketplace under the IRL Art category.

Coming in April from Unique.One X IRL Art

Artwork from the Physical Gallery Pop-up Crypto Art Show will be available for sale on the Unique.One Marketplace.

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