Unique.One xDai Art Marketplace

Unique.One xDai Launches March 10 at Noon JST

Get ready for Unique.One xDai! March 10th at noon Japan time (12:00 JST).

Per community vote, platform rewards will be split between the Ethereum and xDai platforms at the ratio of 90% to 10% until March 31st, midnight Japan time. (April 1 00:00 JST) as ratified in the governance proposal.

The community will have another opportunity to engage in a governance vote prior to the start of April to approve the reward allocation ratio from April 1st to April 15th, 2021.

This experimental stage will continue until such time the community agrees the system is stable.

Previous Platform Reward Allocation

Unique.One Eth Mainnet

Creation Mining: 2200 $RARE/day
Tx Mining: 2200 $RARE/day
Volume Mining: 2200 $RARE/day

Rewards from March 10th — March 31st

Unique.One Eth Mainnet

Creation Mining: 1980 $RARE/day
Tx Mining: 1980 $RARE/day
Volume Mining: 1980 $RARE/day

xDai Mainnet

Creation Mining: 220 $RARE/day
Tx Mining: 220 $RARE/day
Volume Mining: 220 $RARE/day

*Please note LP rewards are not affected by this change.

How to Mint NFT on Unique.One xDai

  1. Open Metamask, and select “Custom RPC” from the Network Dropdown menu.

2) In the “Custom RPC” Settings, add in the xDai Network details as shown below and click “Save.”

3) Navigate to Uniswap, switch to the Ethereum Network, and purchase DAI.

4) Once you’ve purchased DAI, connect your wallet to http://bridge.xdaichain.com/ and swap DAI for xDAI. Make sure you’re on the Ethereum Network to transfer DAI to xDAI. *Follow the steps in this article: https://www.xdaichain.com/for-users/bridges/converting-xdai-via-bridge/moving-dai-to-xdai

5) Once you’ve transferred your DAI to xDAI, switch the network from the Ethereum Network to the xDai Network and you will see your xDai.

6) Navigate to the Unique.One xDai Art Marketplace and connect your wallet to mint your NFTs on Unique.One XDai. (Make sure you’re wallet is on the xDai Network.)

*Here is a helpful video that shows how to transfer DAI to xDai and visa versa using the bridge https://youtu.be/oKdh2cOOqUs

*Please note your Eth wallet address will remain the same when you are on xDai chain.

*Only NFTs minted on xDai from March 10 NOON — March 31st MIDNIGHT Japan time are eligible to receive Uniquepixies.

Have questions about Unique.One xDai?

Talk to us here Telegram




A Substrate-based next-generation NFT application-specific blockchain leveraging Web3.0 interoperability to augment the NFT Evolution.

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Unique One

Unique One

A Substrate-based next-generation NFT application-specific blockchain leveraging Web3.0 interoperability to augment the NFT Evolution.

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